Wigs and Why We Love Them!

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What is a wig? A wig is a pre-made unit of hair extensions threaded together on a spandex, netted, or nylon cap and usually made with bundles of hair and a lace closure or lace frontal.

Wigs provide major benefits some of which are unknown such as convenience especially if made glue-less or u-part and serving as a protective style to safeguard your natural hair.

Now there are some downsides to wigs such as many are not made to wear immediately so you must modify them before wearing which may include cutting the lace and/or bleaching it and can take some time especially if you are not advanced in wig customization and installation. 


Overall, despite the cons wigs are perfect for the woman who is "on the go," loves to switch up her hairstyle often, or wants a break from constant maintenance and upkeep of her natural hair.

Now you may be wondering, "What makes Daring Beauty's wigs special?" Well, here's why we encourage you to shop with us and wear our wigs:

- Our wigs are made with ethically sourced, human hair only

- All of our wigs are constructed with an adjustable band and combs inside for security and stability

- We offer a wide array of options from different textures to different lace types and even custom ready-to-wear wigs (coming soon ;))

- Our prices are competitive and we offer something for every budget but the quality of our products is superb

- No false or misleading marketing and promotion basically what you see is what you get

We let you in on a secret that not many know in this blog so please try to keep it a secret until we let the world know ourselves. LOL!

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