The Meaning of Holidays to Daring Beauty


As we enter and celebrate "the most wonderful time of year" we would like to wish you a Happy Holidays! This time of year can be cheerful, peaceful, and exhilarating but it can also be depressing, stressful, and dreadful. Not sure which feeling or emotion describes you or your loved ones but know that you are not alone. There is said to be a peace or tranquility when we know we're not facing things alone or just have that support we desire. With that being said, we wish you the best.

Nevertheless, Daring Beauty has always been a space for women and girls to feel loved, confident, beautiful, bold, courageous and supported. If you do not feel so then we are here to apologize and embrace you with welcoming arms. We may not know everyone who reads this blog personally or every customer personally but we do know that we are dedicated to women and girl's empowerment and whatever that means for each of you. This is not a solicitation post but it is a warm invite to follow us, pray with us, shop with us and/or celebrate with us, if you choose because you will not regret it. 

If you're unaware, this brand has given to the homeless of Houston, Texas since 2020 and we plan to continue that outreach for years to come but to also expand to other sectors such as giving to women and girls who suffer with alopecia, cancer and other conditions that cause hair loss. We also plan to extend our philanthropic efforts to other states and countries in the near future and with your support we can make that happen. As mentioned before we know this time of the year can bring many emotions and feelings yet we truly believe that giving to others who are less fortunate than one's self can heal in ways that other actions taken may not. So if you're open to healing and peace in beauty stay tuned for the amazing things we have in store.

Lastly, we want to let you know that even though we mainly sell hair extensions, lash extensions and associated products we plan to expand our product base in the near future and we are available to help guide you in all things beauty, from finding an amazing hair stylist to picking a durable quality lipstick, we are here for you. Beauty should never be difficult, expensive or stressful but it should be warm, easy, and audacious. We hope that you find beauty in this season even if its just in being able to have a warm Thanksgiving meal, see the Christmas lights, or wear or use one of our products that makes you feel beautiful. We are here for you.

With Love,

Daring Beauty XOXO

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