Tips for caring for your hair extensions that may also be used for your natural hair, whether relaxed or natural, curly or straight!



  • After the hair extensions have been applied, wait 24 hours before washing your hair as the glue/tape continues to harden.


  • Always make sure to brush your hair thoroughly before washing your hair with a gentle brush to remove any tangles and in order to prevent further tangles/matting.


  • Only wash hair with clarifying or purifying shampoos or shampoos made for especially for extensions. If you use shampoos containing oils and moisturizers it may cause the bonds to become soft or slide out depending on what method you have.


  • Wash your hair gently, in a smoothing rather than a scrubbing motion to avoid matting to the hair.


  • Always wash your hair standing upright and never in the bath upside down. This is due to the excess water in the hair will weigh your hair down and can pull too much at the roots.


  • Always wash your hair immediately after exercise or swimming. The sweat or chlorine can affect the bonds.





  • Only apply conditioner to the mid lengths of the hair extensions. Never apply conditioner directly to the bonds as this will cause them to soften.


  • Since the hair extensions don’t receive any nutrients from your natural scalp oils and diet, it is important to use good quality moisturizing conditioners or hair treatments on the lengths of the hair. This hair needs extra care and revitalizing using specialist products to ensure it stays silky and soft.


  • Co-washing is always recommended. Co-wash means to wash hair with only conditioner and NO SHAMPOO. It is fine to use shampoo with your hair extensions only once a month. Shampoo can strip the hair of its luster, moisture, body, and deplete the longevity of it.





  • After washing your extensions, gently pat your hair down with a towel to remove excess water. Do not rub vigorously as this will cause tangling and matting.


  • Apply a leave in conditioner or a serum to the ends of the hair while damp, making sure to avoid contact with the bonds.


  • Try not to leave the hair extensions to dry naturally as the moisture will soften the bonds causing them to come out, it will also make the hair extensions look less sleek and more fluffy. Heat seals the cuticle on the extension hair creating a nice sleek look, so extensions should be blow dried or straightened when necessary. 


  • When using the blowdryer, never let the hairdryer get too hot on the bonds. You should use a low heat setting on your hair dryer around the bonds.


  • When blowdrying your hair, always point the hairdryer down the hair shaft to smooth the hair down. Blow dry the hair in sections starting at the bottom and working up the head. Use a paddle or round brush and direct the hairdryer down the hair to the ends. This makes the ends look very sleek and nice.


  • If you like wearing your hair extensions wavy, apply a curl enhancing product and blast the hair with the hair dryer, then scrunch up hair with fingers. 


  • Never ever sleep on wet or damp hair!

 * Always use heat protectant when using heat products!




  • When brushing your hair use a soft bristle brush or a tangle teezer as these will be gently on the bonds and not pull them.


  • When brushing your new hair extensions gently brush from the bottom working your way up holding the roots of your hair at all times, excessive tugging at hair when brushing can cause damage to your natural hair and scalp.


  • Make sure that you brush over all your bonds everyday to prevent matting at the roots. 


  • Never backcomb your hair extensions as this can cause severe matting which will make them harder to remove.


  • You may use any products such as hairspray, serums and styling sprays as long as you avoid contact with the bonds. We do however recommend products specially formulated for hair extensions.


  • Take care not to use any hot hair tools such as straighteners or curling tongs directly on the bonds as this can cause the bonds to melt and stick together. When using these hot appliances use a heat protector spray designed to use with hair extensions such as our Kapello range.



  • It is vital that you separate the hair extensions at the root area with your fingers to ensure each is hanging separately.  This will help to prevent any matting at the roots from where your own hair has naturally shed. If this is not done the natural hair that has shed can get trapped near the bond and form a small dread lock, which can cause tension on the natural hair.


  • Before going to bed, gently plait the hair or tie loosley in a band to avoid matting.


  • When wearing your hair up, be careful not to wear it too tight as this can cause excess tension. Don’t wear hair extensions in a bun on top of your head if you can avoid it.


  • Do not colour the extensions too much. Please seek a professional or experienced person to color your hair. You may however continue to touch up your roots as long as your colour technician works around the bonds. 


  • When swimming or playing sports, wear your hair up and keep out of water as much as possible.


  • Avoid saunas and steam rooms as the heat may cause bonds to soften.


  • Do not pick at the bonds or try to remove them yourself. They need to be removed by a professional. If you pick at the bonds you risk snapping your own hair.